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Our 2018 Internship Program

Add a global perspective to your resume with ACE International’s Internship Program. With ACE International, you will become more employable by gaining a contemporary, global experience while gaining foreign language proficiency, strengthen your intercultural communication skills, gain confidence, be adaptable, gain workplace knowledge and experience.  With ACE International, you will be immersed in the cultural abroad while you have the challenge of real-world experience in a professional skill building setting.

Interns must provide a completed online application and agreement found at the bottom of this page.


  • ACE International will assist the young foreign national in finding a place to intern based on their particular strengths and areas of interest after they fill out the application and submit the required fee. 
  • ACE International will assist in finding housing for the intern while they are interning at a location nearby.  We take into consideration, the intern’s particular hobbies, interests and dreams each time we match them with a host.
  • ACE International will be the place the intern or the business will contact if there are changes, issues or concerns that cannot be personally addressed by those affected.


  • Interns, once in the country of the internship, will abide by all laws of that country as well as all policies related to the company where the internship takes place.
  • Interns will behave in the highest respect for each person they come into contact including all aspects of social media while representing their country, ACE International and the company they internship.
  • Interns can be sent home at their own expense if it is determined they are not good ambassadors of their home country and are disrupting the country or company they are interning.
  • Interns are not paid and may only be here  in the USA less than 3 months.
  • Interns need to apply for their own Visas and are here to DISCOVER the area.
  • Interns need to submit an application fee of $49.00, along with their application. Once we find a suitable internship, the Internship is secured with an additional fee of $99.00.
  • ACE International will collect your housing fee. Depending on where you are interning, we will collect your housing fee which begins at $600 per month.

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Our 2017 Intern at MainStreet Oceanside

"ACE International brings French college students from France to our area for multi-month internships.  The quality of these interns has been exceptional.  Our organization has greatly benefited from the impact these interns have made.  We plan to utilize more in the future.  These student have a difficult time finding internships back in France, and are extremely motivated and work very hard.  I highly recommend ACE International’s program to any business."

Bret Schanzenbach
Vista Chamber of Commerce

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